Medicare & Your HSA

The decision of whether or not to go on Medicare often comes down to your HSA. We’ll help you understand how Medicare and your HSA work.

Prescription Drugs

Part D prescription drug plans are complicated and confusing. We take a deep dive into the details – including the notorious Donut Hole.

Advantage vs Supplement

Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement cover gaps in Medicare, each in slightly different ways. We’ll compare them to make your decision easier.

Coverage Gaps

You’ll find significant gaps in Medicare coverage. Luckily, there are ways to fill those gaps and reduce your financial risk.

Medicare Parts

Medicare has Part A, B, C, & D. Each covers something different and each works in unique ways.

Medicare Timelines

There are a lot of deadlines to worry about. Some have penalties, others don’t. We’ll go through each one and see which applies to you.

Qualifying for Medicare

There are four ways to qualify for Medicare benefits. Most people know that turning 65 qualifies you for Medicare, but do you know the the other three ways?