Take it Now or Wait?

Should you file for Social Security now, or wait a few years to get more? Well, there are several factors that contribute to that decision. Listen to this podcast episode to hear more.

Fixing a Mistake

Have you already filed and think you may have made a mistake? Can you do anything at this point to fix it? Listen to this podcast episode to learn more.

Social Security or 401(k)?

Are you better off taking taking Social Security benefits and allowing your 401(k) to grow, or should you delay Social Security and tap into your 401(k) dollars?

Spouses & Social Security

How do your Social Security benefits work together with your spouse’s Social Security benefits? What about spousal and survivor benefits? Work as a team to get the most out of Social Security.

Social Security & Taxes

Are you taxed on your Social Security income? What taxes do you pay in retirement? How can you avoid high tax brackets during retirement?

Social Security Timelines

Should you take Social Security benefits at age 62 – or wait until later? Learn more about catch-up contributions and other important milestones based on your ages and financial accounts.

Social Security Analysis

We’ll put together a full Social Security Analysis giving you different strategies of when to file. We’ll compare break even points and, if you have a spouse, show you how to maximize your benefits.