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We do not endorse these companies, however, here are options to search for lower cost medications for you and your family.

Share this with friends and family as well because you do not have to be on Medicare to take advantage of these sites.  


GoodRx is a way for you — insured or not — to search for and compare the costs of prescriptions across different pharmacies to find lower cost medications.

Blink Health

Their tagline is “Same pills. Lower price.” Search for medications, and Blink Health will show you where the lowest cost options. 

Janssen (Xarelto)

Qualifying patients can get help from Janssen – the drug manufacturer – to help lower the out of pocket costs for Xarelto. 

Bristol Myers Squibb (Eliquis)

The Bristol Myers Squibb Patient Assistance Foundation provides certain medications to qualifying patients, free of charge. 

Cost Plus Drug Company

Mark Cuban’s project of lowering prescription drug costs by eliminating spread pricing and offering medications at cost plus reasonable margins for operations and profit. 

Synthroid Delivers Program

The Synthroid Delivers Program offers low-cost options for those who rely on the Synthroid brand, and will deliver straight to your door. 

My Free Pharmacy

Designed to make the most used, generic medications available at no cost to everyone. These drugs are typically used to treat conditions like Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, and Depression.

Another Canadian option to source medications from our friends up north. 

Maple Leaf Meds

Source medications through Canada. Maple Leaf Meds is one of the more well-known Canadian pharmacies that can fill many prescriptions for less that what we find here in the U.S.