Medicare Advantage vs Supplement

Your two options for covering most of the gaps that Medicare leaves behind come in the form of Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement aka Medigap plans.

Medicare Parts (ABCDs)

Medicare is notorious for its alphabet soup. Luckily, we’re here to help clear that up for you. We’ll go over each part to help you understand what it covers and what it costs.

Medicare & Your HSA

The decision of whether or not to go on Medicare often comes down to your HSA. We’ll help you understand how Medicare and your HSA work.

Prescription Drugs

Part D prescription drug plans are complicated and confusing. We take a deep dive into the details – including the notorious Donut Hole.

Fixing a Mistake

Have you already filed and think you may have made a mistake? Can you do anything at this point to fix it? Listen to this podcast episode to learn more.