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Medicare & Social Security are massive government programs that can bog down your time and prevent you from your regular responsibilities.

Don’t let that happen.
Let us help.

We hold regular Medicare & Social Security educational workshops at no cost to your company or employees.

Use these free HR resources

On-Call Support

Call or email an expert for quick answers to any Medicare & Social Security questions your employees may have. Even if you’re just looking to confirm your answers are correct, we’re here for you.

101 Presentations

In-person or online Medicare & Social Security workshops where employees can learn the basics of these two programs and understand strategies around how to best use these benefits.

1-on-1 Meetings

When your employees are ready to start a discussion around Medicare & Social Security, send them here. We will meet with them to give personalized guidance and remove any liability from your shoulders. 


Education Center

The Education Center is one of the most comprehensive Medicare & Social Security resource libraries around. Find everything you need when it comes to these two programs. Read, watch, or listen to articles, podcast episodes, and videos that explain all the various intricacies of Medicare & Social Security.